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Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Squaring The Circle

My choice this week for the Headbanger Challenge. I was going to be very creative to try and win the gold back, but the illness that Gail and I have at the moment, seem to have put paid to it. Having over three weeks of continual coughing, a blocked nose and trouble sleeping have dented my spirits. I have even succumbed to the suggestion of visiting my GP. So I have looked around the house and garden for ideas. Firstly we have the upside of a square bowl with round writing, then we have a blueberry muffin with cream sitting in a square bowl, and finally here's one of the many metal covers that you find buried in the street. This is a stop cock for the water tap.

Don't forget to pop over and see what Dave, Imac, Lanny and Tom have come up with.

Finding subjects for my daily blog has been a struggle too. The Christmas presents from Gail's sister who lives in Scotland finally arrived today. Well we had to collect the package from the Post Office. All delayed by the recent bad weather. Gail received some smelly's and a broach, while I got a copy of Stephen Fry's autobiography. One book I shall enjoy reading. Thanks Carol x