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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Flying High

We are up in the clouds this week with Dave's Headbanger theme of flight. Emulating our feathered friends is something that most people dream about. Being able to take off and soar into the wide blue yonder, free and able to go anywhere. But alas the only way we can do this is by sitting in a plane and cruising through the upper atmosphere at 36,000 feet. Or sailing silently in an hot air balloon. Another way, which Gail and I did in the south of France was go by helicopter. We flew from Nice airport to the hotel in Monte Carlo. It was the third time that we have flown in one; the others being in Sydney and Dubai. My headbanger photo this week shows some of the coastline of Monaco as we flew over the sea to our hotel. It was included in the price of the holiday, which was fantastic.

Today's photo shows an example of the type of helicopter that we flew in. Our hotel was quite close to the heliport, but the noise of the bladed wonders did not annoy us. In fact it was quite fun watching or hearing them take off, or come into land.

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