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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Fountain Of Youth

This week's Headbanger Challenge is courtesy of Imac, and he has chosen fountains. There's nothing like watching water running out of a water feature. You can have huge cascades, or little trickles. All depending on your preference. My header this week is a real work of art and must have taken some thought in working out how to arrange all those bowls. Unfortunately it is not in Nottingham. The mountains might have given a clue to that. But it is in Monte Carlo. Not too far from where we stayed.

There is a fountain in the Old Market Square, which I am showing you as today's picture. It's not that exciting to look at and it is not always working, hence my treatment of it. There used to be two really big ones close to the Council House, but were removed when the square was rebuilt a few years ago. As a joke, people used to tip some washing up liquid in the water, and about 20 minutes later soap bubbles would be everywhere!

Don't forget to see what the others have come up with, except for Sandy, who is enjoying a holiday. Hope she's having a good time. Also enjoy this musical highlight from Dubai.