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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Speed Demon

It's been my turn this week to pick the Headbanger theme. After much though I've gone for 'speed'. Now as quite a few of you who read my blog know, I enjoy looking at classic cars. When Gail and I recently went to Monte Carlo, I had a field day. Besides seeing some great examples on the roads, we paid a visit to Prince Albert's Motor Museum. I've mentioned it recently in some previous posts so I won't repeat it here. So my header this week is the iconic Ferrari badge. A simple logo that everyone understands and knows means speed, even if very few can actually afford to own one.

I was going to post a different car photo as well as my daily picture, but Gail and I received some very sad news today. Our next-door neighbour passed away early this morning after an illness. Brian was brilliant neighbour and a great friend. He recently found love again after losing his wife a few years ago. A shame that they have now been parted so soon. He was also a great artist and loved making his charcoal drawings of animals and flowers. Here's a shot that I took of him at our local library when he held an exhibition of some of his work.

So this post is for Brian. Joker, artist and friend. My street will be a little quieter without him.