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Header Photo

Wednesday, 29 June 2011


Dave has chosen this weeks Headbanger Challenge, and he has plumped for 'expressions'. A person's face can produce many expressions, from anger, frustration and fear, to love, pleasure and joy. Those tiny fluctuations in the skin can mean all the difference from being a friend or a potential enemy. Expressions can also mean how a person views, produces or interprets art. The expressionists like Munch, who painted how they saw the world, rather than what they saw. Then there are those stark black and white films from 1920's Germany. All angles and shadows. But there are no angles and shadows on my header photo this week, just joy and laughter, as these friends in the Old Market Square are amusing themselves with photos taken on a mobile phone.

Today's photo also shows an expression. Only this time it is a visual one. These two guys, also in the Old Market Square are enjoying listening to the music. They are expressing their pleasure through waving and pointing their hands in the air, like many people do at concerts. Proving that they belong to the 'tribe', or fans of that particular band they have gone to see.

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