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Wednesday, 3 August 2011


Today's Headbanger Challenge has been set by Lanny and she has gone for 'greetings'. Now this is another theme which is up for interpretation in quite a number of ways, which I am sure you'll see if you care to pay a visit to the group's pages. Entry by simply clicking on their name above.

My photo shows a number of characters all saying hello, and welcome to the blog in their own particular way. Which is really what I wanted to convey. This idea that everyone should be made welcome by everyone else, no matter who, or what they are, or where they have come from. Alas in this uneven, unequal world, that doesn't always happen. So make sure that you say hello to at least one person tomorrow, and see if we can all make a difference.

Today's photo is a greeting of a different kind. A complete opposite of what I have said previously. This is a poster for the latest exhibition at the Contemporary. A series of art works by Jean Genet about the infamous political group from the 1970s. It's a gigantic poster, that I stumbled across today, whilst looking for inspiration for my lead photo. Hope you like the music. One of my most favourite artists ever.