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Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Riotous Assembly

It's Headbanger Wednesday again, and Dave has chosen this week's theme of "literature". I have lots of favourite books, such as War of the Worlds, Thunder and Lightnings and Kes. But coming from Nottingham, there can only be one legendary figure of literature that everyone knows, and that's Robin Hood. Whether he really existed or not is another matter, but the legend has gone on for hundreds of years. My header photo comes from Sunday's Pagan Pride and is of Robin Hood himself telling tales to a enchanted audience. What is especially good, is that the guy who is being Robin, was once employed by the city council as Robin Hood and he used to walk around the castle and city centre and attend events dressed in Lincoln Green with bow and arrow in hand. We now have a new Robin who has long blonde hair, and whose real name is Tim.

Today's photo is not as it seems. As probably everybody now knows, for some reason England has suddenly become a place of riots. London, Manchester, Birmingham have all seen violence, looting, arson and just plain moronic behaviour by what appears to be teenagers and people in their early 20s. Nottingham too has experienced some minor disturbances over the last couple of days; cars smashed, vandalism and some arson directed at police stations. So my photo of a boarded up Debenhams is a precaution that the shop has done, just in case it goes on for some time. Other shops have done the same, or closed earlier. If you're wondering, the title of today's blog comes from a Tom Sharpe novel.

To see how the other team members have interpreted the theme, just click on their names above, and enjoy this number one song from Bryan Adams.