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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Red Letter Day

Sandy has suggested this week's Headbanger Challenge. She has gone for 'falling'. Another word that has so many meanings and connotations. People fall in love, leaves fall off trees, rain falls to the ground. Gravity. Isaac Newton and his apple. Presumably not the same one that William Tell shot with his arrow!
My header picture this week is of a parachutist, falling to the ground after jumping out of an aeroplane. More him than me. The only time I want to emerge from an aeroplane is when it's landed at some exotic airport.

Today's photo has a falling connection. What may you be asking is the connection between a Victorian pillar box and this week's theme? Well go on, ask! The answer is that when the Royal Mail first began, pillar boxes were painted green. Now you would think that the citizens of the 1850s would realise that they were there. But no they didn't, and so kept falling into them. So they were all changed to red, and have been ever since.

This one is right in the heart of Nottingham, and in another good location for taking photos. To the left is the old Shire Hall where they used to try people for crimes, before either executing them or shipping them off to Australia. It is now used as the Galleries of Justice museum. I've been in and it is quite an eerie place, especially down in the cells.

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