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Thursday, 13 September 2012

Au Réservoir

On the way back from Rockingham Castle, we stopped off a Rutland Water, which is near Oakham in Leicestershire.

Rutland Water is a reservoir that supplies water for the region. It also doubles up as a nature reserve and water sports centre. Fishing and picnics also take place.

We had not been before, so it was a pleasant to have a walk around and take a stroll to the waters edge. There were loads of people there; mainly families having a bit of quality time together.

I took some photos of the birds flying around, which I thought about using for my Headbanger photo.

The village of Normanton was lost when the lake was constructed. The building you can see is St Matthew's Church and is all that remains. Sometimes though when the water is low, you can see the submerged buildings; lost in time.