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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Mirror, Mirror Who Is The Fairest Of All?

Wednesday again, and unfortunately we are two down this week as Gail has left to do other things and Stewart is on yet another holiday.

Kathy has thought up this week's theme of 'change'. A subject that can mean an awful lot to some people; a change of career, house move, getting married (or divorced) or even leaving to live in another country. Big stuff. But then don't forget all though little things. A new pair of shoes, painting your front door a different colour, or even trying a new way of cooking a basic ingredient.

Well I decided not to go with any of those, but to take a literal interpretation and show a pile of coins. Or 'Shrapnel' as it's sometimes nicknamed.

Do have a look at the rest of the group's pictures and enjoy this top tune from the 1970s.

Todays blog photo is another shot from yesterdays wedding tutorial. This one is a bit of an odd, but creative shot of the bride being reflected in the mirror with the groom looking on and wondering what his wife is going to be like when they've settled down together. Is there going to be two sides to her personality?  The loving and happy girl that he's fallen in love with. Or is there a darker side to her that may reveal itself at any moment?