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Sunday, 30 September 2012

Running For Dear Life

The Robin Hood Half Marathon took place this morning across some streets in Nottingham. I went to catch the action just before the runners went round Highfields and back to Trent Bridge.

The more taxing 26 mile marathon had been cancelled by the organisers earlier in the year due to the large amount of roadworks that are taking place at the moment and the worries over runners' safety.

Over 8000 runners of all abilities took part, including those in wheelchairs. Quite a few had dressed up for the occasion, which is what I was essentially looking out for. So I was pleased to spot these two Supergirls running together.

Obviously the best of friends. I like the way that they are almost mirroring each other with the way that their long hair is wafting about in the same direction, their hands are almost in the same position and they are both in the same running position.

I don't know if they are running to raise money for a charity. But many did, and so I hope they all raised a good deal for their particular cause.