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Saturday, 29 September 2012

Fare's Fair

I went the the very first Great Nottinghamshire Show this afternoon, which is taking place in a local sports field over the weekend.

There were quite a number of stalls there. Mainly food, which was good, as I got to taste some curry and a small bowl of Paella.  I also bought some old English muffins from a local baker. They look a lot different than the round discs that I normally buy. These still round, but look like cakes. I'm looking forward to trying one with some blackberry jam.

There were a few other stalls, including one promoting the Lakeside Arts Centre. I got chatting to the two who were running the stall. I took a photo of them and Tweeted it, as I follow the centre, and many other local organisations on Twitter. It made them happy, as it proved to their boss that they were working.

I also bumped into someone that I used to work with. He Left a couple of years ago, as he wanted to work for himself. So he set himself up with a mobile coffee van. I saw him a few months ago serving some staff from the local BBC studio. He wasn't in a very good mood though, as he hadn't been able to serve anyone, as there wasn't any power available for his van.

For some reason I didn't find find any inspiring photos to take, until I came across this promotional Smart Car for a local taxi service. I love the telephone handset on the roof. If a giant came along, they could pick the car up by its 'handle'.