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Monday, 3 September 2012

Colour Rush

Due to our trip away to Chester at the weekend, I'm a bit behind in blogging. But I'm still here, and plan to fill in the gaps during the next couple of days. So do pop back and read all about our adventures in Lancashire.

As the city is quite a tourist attraction for one thing or another, we sat in a good vantage point and were able to watch lots of people going by. Of course I snapped all the interesting people I could see, including this guy, as I was drawn to his brightly coloured T shirt.

He knew I was taking his photo, as he gave a little smirk while I pressed the trigger. He walked on by, but then he stopped and came up to us. We struck up a conversation. He wondered if we lived there, and if we knew of any pub jobs going. We said that we were visitors and we loved his T shirt.

He said that he came from Austria, but had bought the top in Spain and was over here as a sort of missionary. He found it difficult to explain fully how he had ended up there, but knew Nottingham, and had passed through on his way up north.

We wished him luck in his job search. I said that I had seen an advert in a window of an eatery close by, who were looking for a chef. He said that he had done some cooking and would go and see if he could find it.