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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Hitting The Beat

It's another Headbanger Challenge today, and it's Gail's turn this week.

It's also going to be her last one, as she has just started a college course, and so her time will be taken up with that.

Although she's my wife and I of course see her every day, I will miss her blogging and being part of the headbangers.

So what has she chosen for us all this week? Well, it's 'feathers'.

I took my entry at Rockingham Castle on Sunday. We were looking inside the house and I just spotted the quill pen on the desk in the upstairs music room. Although you are not supposed to be allowed to take photos inside the house, I just could't resist taking a sly picture or two.

I like the way in which the feather is highlighted against the darkness of the room. Just lit by the window.

Do pop over and see how the rest of the team have done with the theme, and do enjoy this pretty little song and arty video.

I took today's blog photo on Sunday, but due to the amount of events that I covered over the last couple of days, so I thought I would put it on today.

Besides going to Rockingham Castle on Sunday, we went to the city centre to see a band and dancers called Mandala. Unfortunately we missed most of the concert, but did catch top Tabla musician Talvin Singh in action.

Here he is thumping away on his drums, whilst the Council House has some images projected on it.