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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Christmas Is-a Coming

There was a party atmosphere in the Old Market Square tonight, as the Christmas lights were being switched on. And for once we had a famous local person to do it.

Richard Whitehead won a gold medal in this years Paralympics for the 200 metre sprint. He gave a little speech about him being a local lad and thanking everyone for their support this year, before pushing the plunger. There was also a firework display and some street entertainment to amuse the throng of people that had turned up. Such as below, with some of the Toy Story characters

I wasn't sure if the show would go ahead, as we have had a deluge of rain all day long. I was planning to come in by bus, as I wanted to use my D3s, and Gail was coming in too, but there was a warning on the radio that there was gridlock on the roads due to some roadworks that had overrun and an accident that had just occurred. So I had to decide whether it was better to get a little bit wet cycling in, or be very late, coming in by public transport. I took the decision to cycle, so brought my OMD instead. Gail also decided to stay at home. So I had clearly made the right one.