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Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Togs, Mods And Muas

You may be wondering what the title of this blog means. Well, its a shortened version of 'photographers, models and make up artists'. And I met quite a few of them tonight on a social event at a pub near the canal.

As you know, I work in town and the pub was only a few minutes away from the office, so I got there a little early. As no one appeared to have turned up, I spent a bit of time taking some shots of the canal.

This is the Magistrates' Court reflected in the water. This it looks quite moody in the darkness. It's appeared on the TV news occasionally when some case of interest is up before the beak. It only really handles small scale stuff, while the crown court  nearby tries all the murderers, robbers and general lowlife that don't deserve their freedom.

When I had done I found a friend of mine had turned up and we went in to see if anyone else had turned up. Slowly one by one, the place was being filled with artistic types. I met a number of new people, including another photographer, who strangely enough only lives in the next street to us.

It was an interesting night, and I hope another one is arranged soon.