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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Window Shopping

Stewart has come up with this week's Headbanger theme of 'shop window'.

Now I work in the city centre of Nottingham, so have plenty of shop windows to look at during my daily stroll around town.

So what to photograph? A fashion display, food or even Christmas decorations. Yes, I saw Santa Claus standing in one store window.

But of course I like to be different, and was planning on showing this sign that I saw at a sports shop.

But in the end I went for this night shot of a statue of Robin Hood in a fancy furniture store on Castle Boulevard. Well it's classic Nottingham, isn't it.

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Today's photo shows the destruction of the old Odeon gathering pace. I managed to get this shot of one of the main girders crashing to the ground in a pile of eighty year old dust. It made a very loud noise as it dropped the twenty feet or so. Ideally I should have filmed it, as it was an historic moment.