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Monday, 26 November 2012

Rock n Roll Me Through

    Brad Dear

We had an hectic Saturday night at one of our local pubs, as three bands were playing at the Greyhound. Gail particularly wanted to go and see one of them, as she knows the guitarist, as they come from the same part of Nottinghamshire.

    Ferocious Dog

Brad Dear were on first, and apparently it was their first gig. But you couldn't tell, as they seemed that they have done it for a long time. There is also a link with the next band, Ferocious Dog, in the fact that one of the band member's son is is Brad Dear.

Ferocious Dog have a very loyal, if rowdy following. As soon as they started, several members of the audience stared dancing. Not your usual dancing either. They were like dodgem cars; banging into each other. In fact one banged into me, and nearly sent me flying. I was rammed into a pillar and sustained a bruise on my left hand on one of the knuckles. It's the first time that I have received an injury from taking a photograph!

    Seven Little Sisters

The final band Seven Little Sisters also have a loyal following, from the cheers that went up when they started playing. I guess I could describe their music as punk folk, or folk rock. They were very good too, and they just seemed to want to keep playing and playing.

We left the pub with our ears ringing. But very happy at seeing three good local bands that maybe deserve more recognition.