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Saturday, 17 November 2012

Saturday Night, Sunday Morning

Gail and I had the great pleasure of meeting film star Shirley Anne Field tonight, as she officially opened the latest exhibition at the Lakeside Arts Centre hear Highfields.

It is called Saturday Night & Sunday Morning, a photographic exhibition that not just covers the film of the same name, but it is also about social scenes of Nottingham & Northern England from the 1950s & 60s.

And very good it is too. Well worth a visit if you have any interest in either photography or social anthropology. Shirley was there, as she was the leading lady from the film. She played Doreen, Arthur Seaton's erstwhile girlfriend. She told an amusing story about David Niven, just as she was starting out as a actress and how he gave her a lift in his car, but was worried about what people would think.

I queued up to get my copy of the exhibition guide autographed by Shirley, and she quickly posed for my photo whilst signing another book.

For any of you that are interested in the career of Shirley, here's a WEBLINK to her profile on IMDB.

A change of pace later on in the evening, as we went to see a Stranglers tribute band called Straighten Out, who were playing at a local pub in Beeston. Both Gail and I are both fans of the punk band from the 1970s & 80s. Although I would say that the Stranglers were much more than a punk band, as they could write proper tunes and Dave Greenfield their keyboard player should be up there with the greats like Vangelis, Rick Wakeman and Geoff Downes. It was very busy and everybody seemed to be enjoying the music. The lead singer sounded a bit like Hugh Cornwall, and the keyboard player who was surrounded by Moogs made them sound authentic.