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Tuesday, 14 December 2010

I Thought It Was Called A Crow's Nest!

I'm posting this week's submission for the Headbanger Challenge a day early, because I am planning on going out tomorrow night on a Flickr photography expedition along the River Trent. And so I might not be home till late.

Lanny has picked a very hard (well in my opinion) subject this week with 'anticipation'. I've been struggling to try and find something original to explain the emotion. Certainly many people are anticipating Christmas next week, through either being excited or depressed. Depending on their personal point of view. I suppose I could have shown you a photo of a child sitting on Santa's knee. But a bit twee. So instead, here's a shot of the definition of the word from the Concise Oxford Dictionary.

My main picture is of a seagull, resting upon a car park light. I'm surprised how much inland these birds fly in search of food, considering Nottingham is about 70 miles away from the nearest piece of coastline. I don't know how well they do in finding scraps of food scattered around, and fighting off pigeons for them.