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Wednesday, 1 December 2010


I have chosen this week's Headbanger Challenge theme of 'Wheels'. I thought I would go for something relatively easy, after the last few brainachers!

There are quite a number of different kinds of wheels available to my blogging buddies to take pictures of. I have gone for a couple of shots of the big wheel that appears in the Old Market Square a few weeks after Christmas and stays till about Easter. It was called the Nottingham Eye for a short while until the owners of the London Eye got wind of it and told them to call it something else!

Fortunately Gail and I are off this week, so we don't have to make the daily struggle into work. So as it had been snowing all night, I went for a walk 'around the block' this morning to see what was worth taking photos of. I took quite a few of the nearby golf course. No one was playing! A poor horse that only appeared to leaves to eat and the local cemetery. This shot is of a private road next to the golf course where houses average around the million pound mark. It's quite countrified in places with plenty of trees about.

Don't forget to visit the other 'bangers' sites (links above) to see how they have interpreted the theme of wheels, and enjoy the late, great John Lennon singing about watching wheels.