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Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Light Fever

Dave's picked this week's Headbanger theme, and he's gone and chosen 'the light'. Certainly a topic with a wide range of interpretations, as you can see if you visit the other members of the gang.

As it's rapidly heading towards Christmas, with only two days to go, I thought about trying to capture some of the many light decorations around town. But I thought it was a bit 'old hat'. Then my creative spark kicked in, and I whizzed my camera about while I took photos of some Christmas tree lights in Beeston. Some of the shots were a bit poor, but I quite like these two, free art, set free, with a free mind.

As it's the last Headbanger Challenge before the big day, I would just like to wish you a Happy Christmas, and hope everyone has a great time. I'm going to play you out with probably the best Christmas song ever written so far. Enjoy.