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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

The Aliens Have Landed

I'm sure many of you are familiar with the works of H.G Wells. Especially his science fiction classic; The War of The Worlds. The story of an alien invasion by Martians. Only to be outwitted; not by guns, or bombs, but by bacteria. Germs from the people that they have sucked the blood from.

Well I witnessed a very similar scene last night. I saw a couple of flashes of light in the sky, which at first I thought were planes, as we are on the flightpath for the East Midlands Airport. But then one of the lights seemed to drop from the sky and land in a field; not too far from our house.

So I called Gail, and we raced to where I thought the 'light' had landed. We approached carefully, as it was pitch black now and we only had the glow from our mobile phones to help us stumble across uneven fields. We saw smoke and a big fire in the distance. This was obviously from the heat of whatever had landed.

A few people had gathered and were milling around the site. We joined them, and stood silently,awaiting developments...