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Sunday, 17 June 2012

Titchy Wheels

Well sadly it's over. But I'm relieved too. The play about Raleigh that I have been involved in for the past couple of months saw it's final performance yesterday at the Jubilee Campus of the university.

It co-incided with a day of celebrating cycling and Raleigh's 125th anniversary.

We put on two performances in the afternoon, with an hour break in between. This gave me time to have a look around at the exhibits, demonstrations and events.

In the play the Raleigh small wheeled bicycle from the 1960s is mentioned; and nick-named 'titchy wheels' with some derision. So I was quite pleased to see an example or two of the said bike on display, amongst some others. Including the more famous and beloved Chopper

You could buy a little saddle bag for it which went on the carrier over the back wheel. It wasn't very big, so you couldn't really go shopping with it, unless you were only going for a loaf of bread and a jar of jam.