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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

The Ultimate Scarecrow

Today is of course Wednesday and so we dip our toes once again into the madness that is the Headbanger Challenge. This week is also the debut of a certain Gail. Yes that's right, Mrs Gailsman has decided to jump in at the deep end and become a headbanger as well. How will she do, and what is it going to be like voting for, or against one's wife? I intend to vote as I've always done; on the quality of the photo, and how it matches the theme.

So what is this week's there you may be asking? Well it is not supermarkets, but the colour orange, as chosen by Tom.

I've seen all sorts of things coloured orange on my travels, but none of them have really inspired me. So it was a quick trip to the archive and where I found this image of rows of shopping trollies, or carts as they say in the States. I took it on a bank holiday, which is one of the rare times that the supermarket is actually closed all day.

The supermarket in question is called Sainsbury's, and their corporate colour is orange. Other supermarkets use yellow (Morrison's), green (Asda/Walmart), while Tesco's is blue. Do have a look at the teams' pages and how they have interpreted the theme. Also enjoy this colourful and inspiring music.

Today's photo is of a statue that appeared in the Old Market Square today. It is part of a day of arty things that are going to be happening tomorrow. The figure created by two Haitian artists, appears to be made of all sorts of things. The earrings from trolley or wheelbarrow tyres are hilarious. I don't know if it lights up or not, but I'll find that out tomorrow.