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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Face To Face

Gail and I met up with some fellow photographers and three models this evening for a photoshoot around the city centre.

We split up into two groups and wandered around looking for suitable locations. We started off at the entrance to the Council House, and attracted the attention of a passing community policeman. He was very good natured, and a bit of a photographer himself apparently.

We then made our way along to Bridalsmithgate. There is a long, well lit passageway there, where we stopped for a while. Here's a shot of Gemma, one of the models that we were using posing by a blown up poster of another model.

All the while that we were out we were being watched by onlookers. Some wondered if we were shooting for a magazine. Others just walked by looking. We were also accosted by a small group of Polish men, that may have had a drop or two more ale than they should. One wanted his photo taking. Then tried charging us 50p for the privilege!