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Friday, 29 June 2012

Didn't Your Mother Ever Tell You Not To Go Near A Naked Flame?

This is the moment that a flicker of the Olympic flame was collected for its onward journey, before the flame is extinguished in the golden cauldron.

I didn't realise that the two people who were undertaking the task were the police. I was so far away from the stage, that I had my lens at its full 270mm. Looking at the shirts they are wearing, you can clearly see 'Metropolitan Police' emblazoned on their T shirts. I zoomed in on iPhoto and the name of the male officer is Rhys Peters, and he is a sergeant.

I'm not entirely sure why this bit of the celebration had to be done by cops. It's not as though anyone is going to steal the flame! Unless they were worried that a pyromaniac might get the job and start setting fire to the stage.

Anyway the flame started on it's way to Derby this morning. It left around 8am from the statue of Robin Hood, which is near the castle. This is far too early for me. So I let the rest of the population of Nottingham wave it goodbye.