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Monday, 4 June 2012

Happy And Glorious

Well today has been quite busy, as this morning I went to Wollaton Park to see a motor show including classic cars. I didn't stay long as there were a lot less vehicles on display as there has been in the past. Possibly due to the jubilee, or the terrible weather yesterday. Anyway, I promised Gail that when I came back, I would help her move some furniture in the house. I had just taken my coat and shoes off when she said that she could hear some music outside and remembered that there was a street party going on in the next road. She said that we ought to go round and say hello. So while Gail was getting ready, I found a couple of bottles of wine, a tube of crisps and some biscuits that we could take as our contribution.

So we had a walk round and saw a couple of our neighbours and then got chatting to some others. We were there quite a long time, and have hopefully made some new friends. One of the neighbours is interested in 1/43 scale model trains, and has a track in his garden, together with a very detailed layout in his shed. So we had a good chat to him and is wife.

When it was getting dusk we took a drive to Bramcote, where they were going to light a beacon for Her Majesty. One of many that were being lit as part of the jubilee celebrations. There were a lot of fireworks too. The beacon was actually a very big bonfire, rather than the classical idea of a metal container on the top of a high pole. Still it did look very effective, as my photo shows.