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Saturday, 11 August 2012

Bop While You Shop

As it's August, it's traditional for our local council to put some bands on in the town centre to entertain the shoppers.

Today's band were called Carmina, and very good they were too. Mixing folk, pop and jazz in a seamless blend for two sets of about 30 minutes each.

They played a variety of own compositions and well known songs. They finished their concert with Joni Mitchell's rousing Big Yellow Taxi.

After they had finished, I had a chat to some of the band members, including their leading lady Pippa Marland, and explained about my blog site and interest in photography. I gave them one of my business cards and said that I would be happy to pass on some of the photos that I had taken.

I think Beeston was lucky to see the band today, as they are quite well known and are often touring. They are due to return to Beeston early next year, when they are doing an evening concert at a local church.

Should you wish to find out more about the band, they have a website which can be ACCESSED HERE.