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Friday, 24 August 2012

Nottingham's Day

Something quite special happened in Nottingham today. A first for the city, but should hopefully become an annual event. What am I on about?

'Nottingham Day'.

Nottingham Day has been created to promote local businesses, and of course the city itself. The first one was held at the Albert Hall.

I went along as unofficial photographer, as I have been following developments on Twitter, and it was quite an exciting morning.

The show was introduced by Adam Corbally, who was one of the finalists of this years Apprentice series. Alas, he didn't win, but came very close. He is now a motivational speaker, entrepreneur and is still involved in the family's greengrocery business.

Another guest speaker was Afran Razak; who is the owner of one Nottingham's best curry restaurants: The Curry Lounge. 'Raz', is no stranger to being on television himself, as he and his restaurant came under fire from Gordon Ramsey a few years ago and he has also been a Secret Millionaire, where he helped various worthy causes in his home town of Oxford.

There were also a number of trade stalls there from such organisations as Nottingham Forest Football Club; Nottingham Racecourse; Kanoo Travel and the Victoria Centre.

I also met for a Tweet-up this evening at a local bar. It was nice to meet some new people and have the opportunity of promoting my blog and my love of photography.

My photo shows (from left) Raz, Adam, the Lord Mayor's escort and the Lord Mayor, Leon Unczur.