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Thursday, 2 August 2012

Travelin In A Fried Out Combi

Due to me having to be in London yesterday, I was unable to post this week's Headbanger Challenge photo. It's Gail's turn as well, and she has gone for 'tattoo'.

Something different, I'm sure you'll agree. I was hoping to come across a really artistic tattooed person on my travels, but that illusive illustrated man (or woman) didn't make an appearance.

So instead I've had a look through my archive, and remember taking a photo of this model, who I shot during one of fashion shows that we attended sometime last year.

Although there are a lot of tattoos on her arms, they do seem quite tasteful. I wonder if her left arm isn't finished yet, as it's not so heavily decorated as her right one.

I don't think I'd ever want one. All that unnecessary pain. I wouldn't know what to have either. My late father had a couple on his arm. Nothing too outrageous, although I can't really remember now what they were. I think one might have been an anchor, as he joined the merchant navy when he was about 18.

Please click on the links, and see how the rest of the gang have interpreted the theme. Also enjoy this great piece of rock music while you do so.

I read on a recent Twitter post that the camper van that is used in the present theatre production called 'Grandpa In My Pocket', would be parked outside the Nottingham Playhouse for people to pose and take photos of it.

The play is aimed fairly and squarely at children, and is based on a children's television series of the same name. It is about a grandpa that can shrink when putting on a magical flat cap. So I just had to go and see for myself. And what a lovely vehicle it is. Brightly painted with a seaside theme. The vehicle actually comes from the TV show and is called Mr Blue Sky, or Campo.

I was talking to the owners about it. They run a company called FREEBIRD CAMPERS and is based in Wiltshire. They hire out these campers, so people can have touring holidays, and go where they like during the rental period.