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Thursday, 16 August 2012


Apologies to all, but Gail and I have been a little late with our Headbanger Challenge entries this week. This has been down to spending a great Wednesday evening talking photography to friend of ours. We stayed longer than we intended, but he was so interesting to talk to, and he showed us how Lightroom worked and what you can do with it. So this may be the next piece of software we buy for our Macs. Thanks Jurgen, you're a pal.

So this weeks theme is mine, and I've gone for stripes. Quite a good subject to show, as you see stripes absolutely everywhere. So I wasn't short of ideas. But I saw this display of stripy lollypops and candies for sale in the kiosk around the Old Market Square that arrived with the substitute seaside a couple of weeks ago.

The sweets on sale adds to the idea of being at the seaside, although we only see pigeons in the city centre, rather than seagulls. They look rather eye-catching and so I thought a photo of them would make an ideal header.

Do pop over and see the others' ideas and work of how they have interpreted my theme.