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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Model Features

A second night of shooting models tonight at Lee's studio in Clifton.

This time it was more of a social evening, with a guest speaker who came to talk about taking local wildlife shots with a 10mm fisheye lens. He had taken some good shots, and none of them looked odd, or had the effect that that sort of lens can sometime achieve.

We had four models to try our hand with tonight. Two of whom, Gail and I had worked with before. And two new ones. All different, both in stature and style.

This is Danni; one of the models that we have shot before. She was quite happy to stand in the cool evening, while we snapped away with our cameras.

Yes, the picture is straight, it's the pole that has been bent over. A bit of a moody shot. One that just lit with the street lights.