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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Silver Dreams

Well the Olympics is finally over after the months and months of hype and controversy.

Coming along shortly are the Paralympics, which to me is far more noteworthy, as all the competitors will have a disability of one form or another.

Unfortunately they will not be receiving as much attention and the games have been relegated to one of our lesser TV channels, and therefore won't be receiving such blanket coverage in the media.

I saw an advert in my local Sainsbury's the other day, inviting shoppers to come along and have their photos taken with the special silver torch. I had no real compulsion to have my photo taken, as it's something that I don't really like. I always prefer to have my face behind the camera, but as it was something different, I thought I would.

Alas there was no flame in the torch, as it's being driven around. The guy who was taking the photos said that he had just come from Derby. Apparently they are visiting all the Sainsbury's stores around the country, as the supermarket is one of the sponsors of the games.

So do keep an eye out for your own opportunity of holding the torch; if only for a few seconds.