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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

The Best Thing About Summer Is....

Kathy has come up with this week's Headbanger Challenge theme about the best of summer.

Now when I was a child, I always looked forward to the summer holidays. Six weeks with no school, so I could go and play in the local park, or ride my scooter around the streets of west London.

Nowadays I'm stuck in the office while the sun is shining, which fortunately it has done today. It's nice to cycle in the sunshine, without a coat and not be worried about getting wet. Although I do carry all my rain gear, just in case a black cloud appears to spoil things.

As it was a nice early evening, I cycled through Highfields on my way home. There were still a few people walking around, or rowing about on the lake. I saw an ice cream van, and thought that's the best thing about summer; hearing the chimes of an ice cream van and running out into the street to buy one. Always a cornet with a chocolate flake in it. Somehow ice cream from a van always tastes nicer than coming out of a tub. I'm not sure why, maybe because it's piped out, so there's a bit more air in it. So the best thing about my summer is eating ice cream.

Sadly I didn't stop for one, and continued cycling through the park, looking for something else to photograph. I took some pictures of various flowers that I could find, and thought these plants looked very colourful by the side of the lake, and being dappled by the evening sun too.

Do pop over to see how the rest of the team have interpreted the theme, and do enjoy this summer themed music.