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Monday, 15 October 2012

Fashion, Turn To The Left, Fashion, Turn To The Right

We both spent an enjoyable evening tonight shooting burlesque dancers and alternative clothing models at an event called Eclectic.

It took place at the Pitcher & Piano; a converted church, that is now a pub. A little bit ironic really, considering how the many of the worlds religions view alcohol as the work of the Devil.

There were quite a lot of people there, and the front of the runway was clogged up with photographers and video people. So much so that it was difficult to get a good shot. Gail had sneaked herself near back of the stage at the point where the artistes enter. I followed her, and we pretty much had this area to ourselves.

Obviously the lighting wasn't as good here, but we managed by cranking up the ISO etc, or waiting until the models were in a good spot. Like with this one, who is wearing an outfit inspired by nature.