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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Special Constable

Although Stewart gave us the theme a couple of weeks ago, as he was off on yet another holiday, I still pondered over how to interpret the word. Early ideas included a couple of dice, showing the two sixes, or two boxes of eggs. But dismissed them as amateurish. So I was on the lookout for something more unusual.

Then inspiration hit me last Friday when I went into a local cafe to buy a cake, as it was the McMillan Tea Party day, to raise funds for their nursing service. After buying my rocky road, I turned and saw this giant clock on the wall. It hit me. Not literally of course, but the twelve hours on the dial did. Perfect.

Do have a look at how the others have viewed the theme, and enjoy this little musical interlude.

Gail received a call this afternoon from a photography friend of ours saying that he was off to Goose Fair tonight, and wondered if we fancy tagging along.  Of course, any chance of taking some photos is a good idea to me.

So we met up him and spent a couple of hours walking around and looking for something to shoot. He agreed with me that it was a bit uninspiring. There's only so many flashing lights and loud music one can take. Gail seemed to be having more fun, taking some shots on her Olympus, and using the special art filters

I was on the lookout for interesting looking people, but didn't really find any until we came across this policeman with an obvious sense of humour. Not sure if bunny ears are standard issue these days amongst our boys in blue, but he did look amusing. Gail said hello and asked if she could take his picture. He was happy to pose for her, and I took one or two as well. He asked if could get a copy. Of course we said yes and I gave him my business card. So hopefully he'll have a look at this blog and recommend it to his friends and colleagues.