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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Sight Unseen

Yes, it's Wednesday again, and that can only mean one thing - the headbanger Challenge.

Tom's choice this week, and he's gone for yellow. Now how to interpret this theme? I mused long and hard. Do I go for something easy, or something a bit more esoteric.                                                                      
Whilst I was venturing up the multi-storey car park yesterday, I saw just the thing. A number of yellow men painted on the ground.  They looked freshly painted too. In fact the whole of the top storey appeared brand new. Maybe as the car park is so big, no vehicle has had to go up on the roof.

For those that may not realise what it symbolises, it is the sign for the area in which pedestrians can walk safely, without having the fear of being knocked down. But as everybody should know, you should always be alert when around moving vehicles.

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Talking of vehicles, the musical interlude this week comes courtesy of the Banana Splits. A strange children's show from the late 1960s, where odd looking creatures drove around in six wheel buggies.

Today's post is one of the photos that I took whilst on the roof of the car park. You can see the clock tower belonging to the railway station; the British Waterways building, that is now home to a mixture of bars, a comedy club and a gym. Finally at the back is the castle.