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Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Lost In Transit

This weeks Headbanger theme is 'lost' and comes courtesy of Kathy.

Well I am certainly feeling lost at the moment without my Mac. Still struggling on with my Netbook, whilst waiting for the Apple technician to call. Pressing on regardless, although it makes uploading a photo a long process.

Talking of which this weeks entry is from the archive. February 2009 to be precise. Fortunately I have been slowly exporting my photos to an external hard drive, so I was able to find something, as Kathy's email had somehow got lost in Cyberspace and didn't know what the theme was until Monday evening, so not giving me much time to find something new.

This was taken on Queen Street. I saw the guy on the phone standing next to this poster and thought it would make a great pic. Is he ringing for directions?

To see what the others are up to, I'm directing you to their pages.

Today's photo is another one from the archives and is also on the theme of lost. In this case petrol from this tanker. I had heard that the police had blocked the road and that the fire service were on hand, so I just had to pop over in my lunch hour to see the action. Fortunately most of the fuel had been soaked up by using sand, so there wasn't that much to see. But I think it is a good visual record of the event.