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Saturday, 13 October 2012

The Ghost Bus

This photography lark does make you get out and about in search of a picture or two. Today has been no exception.Firstly I popped in the former Barton's bus depot in Chilwell to check out this years art exhibition, which goes under the name of the Carnival of Monsters. Then Gail and I went on a walk with a load of photographers, which was part of Scott Kelby's fifth worldwide annual photo walk. Then we went back to Barton's for their open evening and a chance to meet the artists.

I went last year, and they had some good stuff on show. This year has been the same. The highlight for me, and perhaps many others has been the siting of this old Barton's bus from the 1950s. I just love the way the paint has peeled away, the rust and its overall state of decay.

There is an interesting story behind this bus. It was one of 10 that Barton's bought in 1956. This particular one has been standing in a farmers field in Norfolk for the past 20 years. Hence it's unique appearance. The exhibit is also acting as a mini cinema, as a film has surfaced showing one of these buses taking tourists around different cities in Italy during 1959.

An unusual holiday too, as you are flown out to an Italian airport, where you are then picked up by coach, and then spend two weeks trundling to Venice, Florence, Rome etc. All for the grand price of £79, Which in today's money would probably be around £600.

The movie itself is going to be uploaded to Bartons' website, so everyone can enjoy it. Here's a LINK to their website, so you can see the film for yourself.