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Saturday, 27 October 2012

Keep On Running

We raced to the Playhouse on Tuesday night to see the premiere of a new production of the Alan Sillitoe story written in the late 1950s.

It is about a young lad who gets into trouble and ends up in a youth offenders centre, or Borstal as it used to be known, but he is a good runner and so is encouraged to compete for the prison in a race against a public school.

It was a good production with a clever use of a predominately empty stage and back projection. There was no interval and the actor who played the antihero was on stage all the time and without a break. This came to about 90 minutes. A bravado performance, which included a lot of running, done on a hidden treadmill.

There was a film version made in 1962 which starred Tom Courtney. It also featured a very young John Thaw as another Borstal boy, before changing sides and playing coppers on TV in The Sweeney and Inspector Morse.

Here's a short to a promotional film made for the production which might be coming to a theatre near you in the next few weeks -