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Sunday, 28 October 2012

Fields Of Gold

Well the clocks went back in the early hours, so that means dark mornings and early dark nights for the next few months.

I detest it, even though we get an extra hour to spend in bed and you know that Christmas isn't too far away. But it always makes me depressed, as you know that winter's here and that means bad weather and feels like perpetual darkness.

I do think it is time the idea was scrapped, or at least curtailed for the shortest time possible; say from mid November to early February.

I always look forward to March and the return of the lighter nights, and I can see and be seen as I'm cycling home.

Here is a shot of some farmland up at Eastwood that I shot at the end of September, when I visited Beauvale Priory, as I didn't take any photos today.