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Thursday, 11 October 2012

Home From Home

Does anyone fancy living in this Tudor building that has some history to it? It's in a prime location too; directly opposite the castle.

Unfortunately there's a couple of drawbacks. Namely its size, there's no car parking or garden and it's next door to a busy college.

It used to house the lace museum, but the city council closed it a few years ago, and now they have put it, and a few other buildings up for sale.

The house has had quite an interesting history. It dates from the mid 1400s and was located in another part of the city. In 1735 it was used by a wine merchants. It has also been a cafe. Then when the building of the Broad Marsh shopping centre began in 1969, it was broken up and transported half a mile away to its present location.

Whoever buys it will need to have some imagination to make the best use of this unusual and unique building.