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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

2500th Photo - New Life

It's a very special day in the world of Nottingham Daily Photo, as today marks the 2500th post.

Yes that's right 2500 photos, one practically everyday since March 2006. Not every one has been taken in Nottingham, as there's been Dubai, Sydney, Greece, Turkey, Scotland and Wales. Not forgetting the umpteen places in England that I've visited for work and on pleasure.

I do hope you all enjoy my photos and writing, and get to learn something about my life, what I get up to and places that I visit. And of course, lets not forget my lovely wife Gail, who has put up with me, my photography and any blog. How many times has she heard me say "I won't be long, I've just got to do my blog".

Thank you Gail for being so understanding.

I was hoping to take a special birthday shot today, but unfortunately nothing came my way. I sadly missed out on seeing Su Pollard at the Theatre Royal. who She was there today to promote this year's pantomime, as she is in it, together with David Hasslehoff.

So instead, here's a photo that a little special to me. This young plant is at the start of its life to become a Sharon or Persimmon tree. So what's special about that you may be asking? Well I have managed to grow it from a seed, that I picked out of a fruit that I was eating back in February.

I think its quite rare to find a seed in a Sharon fruit anyway. Looking on Google, I read that the seed should be wrapped in a damp tissue and placed in a fridge for three months. So that's exactly what I did.

I took it out the other week and placed it in this little plant pot near the kitchen window. I couldn't believe it when I saw a little tiny shoot appear through the compost. Now look at it. I will probably have to transplant it into a bigger pot soon, now that the shoot is heading very slowly towards the sky. I'll let you know how it goes.