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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Blue Movie

I spent a very enjoyable day with a top professional photographer, two gorgeous ladies and five other students, in an underground bar in the centre of Nottingham.

We were there for the first ever Olympus Experience Days, with host and tutor Damian McGillicuddy. Unfortunately Gail couldn't join me, as she was working and didn't want to use up another day of her holiday allowance; especially as she gets less than me.

We spent the day learning how Damian sets things up for his amazing photographs. From working out the sets, the lighting and how the model, in this case Nic, should pose. For the last two years he has been using an Olympus OMD, rather than his usual Nikon kit, as he likes it's technical ability, quality of lenses and the fact that he can carry it around in a small bag, rather than a suitcase.

We all met at the Red Bar and Lounge, which is situated in the Crowne Plaza hotel. The colour scheme, which the name implies is mainly red and black. Damian set up shots in several different bits of the club, the bar itself for one, but he also liked this big leather seating area, which he wanted to introduce a touch of blue into, so it looked more New York, than Nottingham.

It was a fab day and I learnt lots, which I hope to put in practice, the next time that I go on a model shoot, or practice at home.

If anyone is interested in going on one of these course, Damian will be doing them all over the country over the coming months. The next one is in Birmingham on 21 July.