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Sunday, 23 June 2013

Birthday Boy

Gail and I went to a special 65th birthday party of a good friend of ours and fellow blogger. From the amusing cake decoration above and special knitted doll below; I wonder if you can guess who it is? Some regular bloggers and friends of ours may be able to deduce who it is from the clues in the two pictures.

Did you work it out? No? Well it's iMac, who writes a blog called 'Photos from the Minds Eye'. Here's the WEB-LINK to it.

We've known Stewart and his lovely wife Julie for about six years now. If fact we first met them at his 60th birthday celebration. In fact, I think he wore that very loud waistcoat then as well!

The party took place at the social club at Great Gonerby in Lincolnshire.

It was a good evening, and instead of wanting presents, he asked for donations to the Alzheimer's Association, as it's a cause that is close to his heart. At the end of the party it was announced that the grand sum had got to £750, which pleased Stewart a lot, as he was hoping to get £500.

Besides a very nice buffet, there was some entertainment in the form of a former member of the Searchers, Steve Carlisle, who sang and played through all sorts of classic pop tunes and a new band called Seabirds, who are made up from former members of the Red Shoe Diaries and one of the members just happens to be Stewart's son Rob.

Here's the Birthday boy with sweet Julie posing for my camera, while below he thanks his wife for putting up with him for the past few years.