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Sunday, 9 June 2013

On The Garden Trail

I popped over to the Park Estate this afternoon, as they were holding an event to raise money for various local charities. 21 Gardens had been opened up to the public, so they could have a look around and see what is usually behind closed doors and high walls.

Some gardens also had art displays, like these resin heads; that were in various colours. I didn't take that many photos of the flowers, but couldn't resist this Kiwi fruit bush that was growing quite happily around an archway. And had even produced small fruit, which you can see if you look carefully.

Another garden had a display of wedding gowns on show. Possibly because the owner of that particular house organised weddings.

There was a fair bit of walking involved, as the gardens were quite spread out around the many different streets that make up this exclusive neighbourhood. I was quite excited to see this old MG parked at the side of the road, and fortunately I managed to get a shot of it, without capturing any modern vehicles.

The first garden trail was in 1986 and raised a modest £520. Last year's event raised an impressive £11,500. I'll let you know how well they do when I hear what the figure is. But I think it should be pretty good by the number of people I saw walking around with the programmes in their hands.