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Sunday, 2 June 2013

The Cars That Ate Wollaton Park

Today was the day for the annual classic car show at Wollaton Park. When it is advertised, I get quite excited and look forward to wandering around all the cars, vans and buses. Although I have to admit, some of them I have seen many times, but as it was lovely and sunny today, I didn't mind. I had a great time, and came across quite a few vehicles that I hadn't seen before.

I thought this converted 1967 VW Beetle looks like a real life Hot Wheels car. I saw that it was for sale, but didn't enquire how much.

If I did have any spare cash, and lots at that, I would be tempted to go out and get a E Type Jaguar, like this one from 1969. Only six years younger than me, but worth a lot more. Probably £30,000.

If you have less money to play with, you could try this 1972 Ford Capri, which may only cost you about £5000. Made famous of course by being driven by Bodie & Doyle in the TV series the Professionals.

Finally of course, if you have a leaning towards pre-war vehicles, you might like to hunt out an old van like this Austin from the mid 1930s. I just thought I would give the picture a little tweaking in Lightroom, to give it that old look.