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Tuesday, 11 June 2013


We have just got back from having spent a very enjoyable evening over at Rushcliffe Photography Club in Tollerton, where they had a guest speaker in the form of master photographer Damian McGillicuddy.

He was there to talk about his life, his work and how he sets up a shot. He then went on to demonstrate it using Nic the model, a couple of speed lights, a modifier, some voile and a stack of wooden chairs for a background.

It was very interesting to watch how he developed the slightly religious theme, with Nic dressed as a sort of nun, with the stack of chairs, to symbolise a church. Damian went through his thought process, and then tweaked his idea, as new thoughts came into his head. He then chatted some more and answered some photography questions posed by the quite large audience.

When we arrived home, we were quite inspired, and so I shot this pose of Gail, while she stood against some new wallpaper that we've got. And yes, they are photos of Marilyn Monroe. How cool is that!