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Sunday, 30 June 2013

I Have A Dream

There are quite a few bands that I would have loved to have seen live; Kate Bush, Pink Floyd and ABBA, to name a few.

Due to stage fright, I don't think Kate Bush will ever tour again. She's only ever done one, and that was in 1979.  With the death of keyboard player Richard Wright and ongoing animosity amongst the remaining members, we are probably not going to see another Pink Floyd tour in the foreseeable future.

So that leaves ABBA. And as Agnetha Faltskog (the blonde) has more or less become a recluse, and Anni-frid (the brunette) is not interested in pursuing a singing career anymore, there is no chance of them recording again. Even after newspaper reports once said that they were offered a huge sum of money to perform for some Arab billionaire.

So we have to make do with tribute bands. And I saw a very good one yesterday at the Armed Forces event at the Embankment. Here are some shots of the individual members that make up Arrival UK. And very good they were too. They soon had the open air audience dancing on the grass and singing along to those oh so familiar tunes.